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About Us

UPDATE: We would like to explain that our service formerly known as Single Stream/Stream-Line Recycling has been rebranded as All in One Recycling. The service will remain exactly the same, as the Recycling process is the same. The recycling will still be taken to Van Der Lin Recycling Center. The only change is the name of the service. Thank You.

Just a little history... 
In 1984, Boyd McCauley set out to start his company, Time Disposal. With only his pick up truck and a willingness to work hard, he went door to door to find people that trusted in him. That was all he had to start with. Having put his last bit of money into keeping his truck running, Boyd said he borrowed $10.00 from his grandmother to get enough gas to go out door to door and sign up customers. The customers pre-paid giving him enough money to make it the first month. Word began to spread about his quality, reliable and affordable service. As the number of Customers grew, Boyd did all he could to provide the very best service at the best possible price to keep the business growing.
Today there is a fleet of the finest trash collection vehicles available on the market today at his Operations Center in Ruckersville. The Drivers, Assistants, our Full time Mechanic and myself... Sales and Marketing Director would all agree Time Disposal is a great place to work.  We've grown to be without question the #1 Residential trash Hauler in our area and our Commercial Dumpster service is growing everyday! We approach that number one status with a passion to stay thier and grow. When you are number one you have to provide the best of service to every customer down to the smallest scrap of paper on the ground.
Time Disposal has come a long way but it is still the same company it was in 1984.
"Our Customers trust in us and the attitude around here is we will not let them down. Those Customers share that information with others and we continue to grow. Thank you Time Disposal Customers and Employees," from Boyd McCauley.


Message from the Owner

Welcome from all of us at Time Disposal
Hi, I am Boyd McCauley
From our family to yours... Thank You For Doing Business With Us. If you do not currently use our service at home, or at work we hope to be doing business with you soon. We are focused on providing families with the very best residential and commercial trash service in Central Virginia.

Our meticulously maintained equipment, dedicated employees, and experience allows us to provide a clean, safe & reliable service. When you take pride in what you do it shows. With rising fuel costs & all costs for providing a service business like ours, we take pride in the fact that we do all we can to keep the cost of your trash service affordable. We pick up and pay the recycling center tipping fees to dispose of your trash and recyclables when we take it. Our good customers that pay for service on time along with referring neighbors to use our service, allows us to fight off price increases. A tough task in todays economy. 
Thank you again for visiting our web site.

A few words from Gene A. Ware Sales and Marketing Director at Time Disposal: I cannot begin to share all that he has done for the people in the Central Virginia Community. He may be the guy who helped you when you couldn't get your car started at the grocery store and you never got his name, or the guy that stopped to help you change a flat tire or give you a jump start. He is just that kind of person. I sold Real Estate in Central Virginia for years and more than once. I called on Boyd McCauley and Time Disposal to help me and stressed homeowners I was working with, to take care of special pick ups at homes about to close that needed trash and junk items moved.  He spent a few years volunteering his time coaching youth football in Central Virginia and made an enormous impact on the lives of many young Student Athletes that played for him. If you did not get his name you would remember his face, the smile and laugh. A good ole boy running a great service business.

Our employees offer the benefits of years of experience gained from previous & current positions. We are an equal opportunity employer and are members in good standing of multiple professional organizations.


Schedule Updates and Information

Schedules are always subject to change due to MRF Hours that we do not control.
If your pickup day falls on one of the holidays you will get a letter from us with the alternative schedule and the schedule will also be posted in the right side bar under schedule updates!

If you do not get a letter make sure you get your trash out the night before, because we may be running the route earlier than normal on holidays.
Safety First

It is very rare that our weather in Central Virginia prevents our trucks from running. Inclement weather may slow down the process and it may alter our routes in some cases but you should keep to your schedule and do your best to get your cart to the curb the night before. Heavy snows can make it unsafe to put your can out. When snows like that occur as soon as it is safe to put your can out and the roads are accessible we will do our best to get to you.
Never hesitate to call our office if you have questions or if you know about a weather related incident or accident that would prohibit us from making it to your area. We can give you a report, where our trucks are and when they should be in your area.

The one thing you can count on in Virginia is ... If you do not like the weather do not worry it will change.
"When in doubt, put it out."

Our Emails:

Owner / Operations Supervisor: Boyd

Account Repesentative: Michele

Executive Assistant: Bonnie

Account Representative:  Marsha

Manager:  Kevin

Sales:  Ken Harrison