Employee of the Year (2019)- Driver: sHAWN KNIGHT

Schedule Updates and Information

Schedules are always subject to change due to Transfer Station Hours that we do not control.
If your pickup day falls on one of the holidays you will get a letter from us with the alternative schedule and the schedule will also be posted in the right side bar under schedule updates!

If you do not get a letter make sure you get your trash out the night before, because we may be running the route earlier than normal on holidays.
Safety First

It is very rare that our weather in Central Virginia prevents our trucks from running. Inclement weather may slow down the process and it may alter our routes in some cases but you should keep to your schedule and do your best to get your cart to the curb the night before. Heavy snows can make it unsafe to put your can out. When snows like that occur as soon as it is safe to put your can out and the roads are accessible we will do our best to get to you.
Never hesitate to call our office if you have questions or if you know about a weather related incident or accident that would prohibit us from making it to your area. We can give you a report, where our trucks are and when they should be in your area.

The one thing you can count on in Virginia is ... If you do not like the weather do not worry it will change.
"When in doubt, put it out."

Contact Us

Here's how to get in touch with us:
If you call and get a recording during work hours, please leave a message and your call will be returned as quickly as possible. If you get a busy signal that means our multiple phone lines are in use and someone is leaving a voice mail at the same time. Please call back and you should get through.  We take pride in being accessible and taking your calls when you need us.  Thank you for your patience.

Owner / Operations Supervisor: Boyd

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Assistant: Tammy

Assistant: Haley


Manager:  Kevin

Sales:  Ken Harrison

Digital Media Manager: Joe


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