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Rate Alert: Avoid Add on Fees Call (434)977-3339.
Thanks to a former and future Time Disposal Customer we can post this alert: Beware of companies contacting you offering to undercut our rates... They signed him to a one year agreement and did cut our rate by $6.00 a month. Why is he coming back to Time Disposal? He sent me a copy of his bill - His monthly rate was $6.00 cheaper than our rate but they neglected to mention the $18.50 Fuel/Environmental fee and the $1.92 Administrative fee. Those fees are not fixed and are subject to increase so he doesn't know how much more his service is going to cost him, but one thing for sure there is no fuel, environmental or administrative fees on our bill and he has assured me he is coming back to Time Disposal. 
Time Disposal Rates For Residential Trash Service...
With our 96 gallon wheeled trash cart provided. Once a week pick-up. No hidden fuel tax, administrative fees, sign up or delivery fees added to your invoice is $26.00 per month (Backdoor service for $35 per month for elderly and handicapped customers only) with a twelve month service agreement. We do have additional rate plans and we will inform you if you are a part of any negotiated group rates. Discounts are available for Senior Citizen or if you have a family member that is active in the U.S. military. If you have any issues with the amount you are billed give us a call.

It is important for you to understand we do offer group rates& we have negotiated with numerous Homeowners Associations and specific area group rates in Central Virginia- Contact us to discuss exclusive neighborhood reduced rates. If applicable have your Homeowners Association give us a call. If you live on a street with 10 homes or more and you feel you may be able to get the group together you don't need a Homeowners association to work out a group discount.

When you sign up online there is no sign-up fee and you will receive the prevalent fee for your neighborhood or area that is applicable to you. If you live in a subdivision with a homeowners association have them check into our exclusive area prices it could benefit you and every resident in your area.

Have your Homeowners Association Contact Time Disposal about your trash service. We provide uniform Trash Carts - Clean equipment serving your area safely. Call us today! Ask for:
Boyd McCauley Owner/Operations Supervisor or email Boyd at we want to discuss you business. With the cost of everything else going up maybe with your volume we can cut your costs. Doing what we do best. Residential trash service.

Our Rates

Base Rate
$26.00 per month (Backdoor service for $35 per month for elderly and handicapped customers only)
Cart provided once a week curbside pick-up
$2.00 Monthly Discount for Military and Senior Citizens.

-Pricing Options-

Area, Subdivision & Homeowners Association Rates.  Carts provided - Once a week pick-up.  individually billed

Area, Subdivision & Homeowners Association Rates.  Carts provided. -Once a week pick up.  One bill (25 - 50 - 100 - 150 - 200 - 250+ homes)

Area, Subdivision & Homeowners Association rates. Carts provided.  Once a week pick-up
Individually billed (25 - 50 - 100 - 150 - 200 - 250+ homes)

Senior Citizen and Military Discount Rates Carts provided.

Exclusive Area Rates.  Carts provided Once a week pick up Individually billed

Exclusive Area rates. Carts provided
Once a week pick up.  One bill for (25 - 50 - 100 - 150 - 200 - 250+ homes)

Exclusive Rates.  Carts provided.  Once a week pick-up
Individually billed (25 - 50 - 100 - 150 - 200 - 250+ homes)

Let us ask you the questions to insure you get the best rate. We want long-term customers. Fair pricing and quality reliable service help us keep our customers. Our assistants are looking out for our customers!

Recycling Collection
All of our Waste goes to the MRF for recycling. So if you are a Time Disposal customer you are recycling at no additional cost.

Call or have your H.O.A. Call Today.
all pricing is subject to change



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