UPDATE: We would like to explain that our service formerly known as Single Stream/Stream-Line Recycling has been rebranded as All in One Recycling. The service will remain exactly the same, as the Recycling process is the same. The recycling will still be taken to Van Der Linde Recycling Center. The only change is the name of the service. Thank You.

Guide for Acceptable Trash

For special pick ups or dumpster service you need to contact our office Monday-Friday. Rates for pick up of items on our Not Acceptable list are handled on a per job basis. We want to take care of our Customers in good standing. If you have a special need please call. 

Acceptable Trash & Unacceptable Trash

  • We don't expect you to weigh your trash, but the weight in our 96 Gallon Cart Full should not exceed 200lbs. Bagging your loose household trash makes the job and keeps your cart much cleaner.
    • As a courtasy we will take 2 bags of grass or 5 bags of leaves, 30-40 Gallon Bags, no heavier than 30lbs.
    • Normal household garbage(ex. food,food wrappers, diapers, discarded clothes, boxes, paper etc.) Note: the list is subject to change at anytime.
  • Types of trash that are Not Acceptable
    • Tires.
    • Hazardous Material(ex. petroleum products, propane tanks,wet paint,paint by products,etc.)
    • BioHazard & Infectious Waste(ex. hypodermic needles, any items marked "BioHazard" or " Infectious Waste" including empty containers, etc.)
    • Dirt or Gravel
    • Logs Firewood (branches may be taken but may not be longer than four feet in length and tied up in bundles no more than 12 inches in diameter quantity 4
    • Construction Material (ex. lumber sheet-rock and shingles)
    • White Goods (ex. refrigerators, washers and dryers)
    • Large Furniture (ex. couches, recliners, beds, etc.)
    • Mattresses and Box Springs will be taken for an additional charge. For any Special pick up please call 434-977-3339 in advance to make arrangements for this service.

Note: This list is subject to change at any time.

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