Rear-Loading Residential Trash Truck

New and well maintained service vehicles.  Drivers that think,  safety first. We take great pride in our trucks. With on-site maintenance and a daily service checklist we do everything possible to keep our routes and pick-up services neat, clean and on time. With 28 years of knowing what to project and what your equipment purchase and service schedule it does result in better service at a better price.
How has International achieved this clean-air diesel breakthrough-International has always been at the leading edge of diesel technology, frequently showing how to reach clean-air goals efficiently and ahead of government mandates. The Green Diesel Technology vehicle breakthrough is the next step toward diesel power without pollution. International has taken its high-performance, low-emission engine and fitted it with a special converter that runs on ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel. The results are brilliant. Particle emissions are reduced by more than 90 percent, which exceeds the stringent truck emission standards proposed by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency. And it is better than the emissions of the next best alternative — compressed natural gas. Time Disposal is running clean in your community.
Out there, conditions are as rigorous as they are unforgiving. Curbside & Commercial waste collection and extreme weather demand vehicles that never stop performing. Our Trucks are more than tough enough to keep us running. That includes a broad range of power-train combinations with up to 475 hp and 1,700 lb.-ft of torque. And standard wide-track axles, which provide maximum maneuverability even on the tightest city streets and alleys. Having the right equipment makes a difference in your service.  
Safety flashers on our trucks, and the highly visible uniforms worn by our employees and a crew that keeps safety in mind everyday. These are things we do to keep everybody safe while we are at work in your area.  We need to ask you to be aware of our workers and slow down when you see them at work. 

96 Gallon Can

The Time Disposal carts, 96-gallon size trash can, roll easily and hold heavy loads, . The one-piece, molded-in handle gives a strong gripping area and a built-in foot tilter makes maneuvering easy. A reinforced top lip adds strength and rigidity as do the molded-in lift points. Our carts are dark green with black lids, each cart features our Time Disposal logo, our phone number and an identification number assigned to each customer. Strong and Durable
HuskyLite Carts are injection molded for superior strength and durability. Unlike some other cart manufacturing processes, injection molding allows us to put more reinforcing material where it's needed most -- in the critical load bearing points and high wear areas of the cart. You get a cart that stands up to the most demanding conditions, yet remains lightweight and easy to handle. 
Ergonomically Designed
Our large, heavy-duty handle makes maneuvering the HuskyLite cart a breeze. An integrated foot tilter on our 96-gallon carts helps you handle our larger capacity carts with less effort. And the specially designed ground-hugging base keeps our carts stable even in high winds and on uneven terrain. 
Call to set up your new account. Office: 434-977-3339. Have your new can delivered today!


Special Pick-Ups

Pricing for Time Disposal special pick up service depend on he amount, size and weight of the items you need disposed of.
Special pick ups require payment upfront in most cases. We can take payments for special pick ups by credit card over the phone or when we schedule the pick up you will need to pay a member of the Special Pick up team with a check. In most cases a 24 hour notice is needed for Special Pick up arrangements.

It is important to put everything you want removed on the list - If it is not on the list it is not included in the price and the special pick up team will not take additional items without additional payment.

Time Disposal will consider special arrangement pick ups for customers that are handicapped or elderly and unable to get their container to the curb. Pricing is done on a case by case basis. Time Disposal reserves the right not to service any special arrangement requests many factors come into play and each case must be evaulated on a case by case basis. A liability waiver may be required. If you are handicapped or elderly please give us a call. Let us see what we can do to help. If you are handicapped or elderly we will do what we can to keep your service affordable but there will be additional fees charged over and above our base rate.  If you are in our service area we want your business and we will take the time to come to you and evaluate your trash and recycling service needs.

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